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Classic American Hardwoods Services

At Classic American Hardwoods we offer kiln dried random width and length lumber as well as width sorting, custom color sorting, gang ripping and finished surfacing.


LICO Production Line

Completed in 2019, our state of the art LICO Production Line has allowed us to better serve our customers. We Gang Rip at a higher and more precise rate because of the 3D Optimized scanning imagery integrated into the line. We are able to produce completely finished products with one production line, making us extremely efficient and giving you a labor advantage. Lumber is laser tallied with vision tally and banded with a Fromm automated bander.

Line 1 S382.JPG

Newman S382

Our Newman high-speed roughing planer is one of the reasons we produce a superior product. The roughing planer allows us to offer a hit or miss surfaced product at a rate of 200-300 board-feet per minute (BFM).


Whitney 970

Our Whitney 970 is our planer for all finished surfacing. All lumber is slow-fed through the Whitney 970.


GR/SLR Services

The new state of the art LICO rip saw has allowed us to rip product extremely accurately and efficiently. Our accuracy is optimized with a Lucidyne 3D Scanner. We Gang Rip with a Multi 4 Saw moving arbor that produces up to 50,000 board-feet/day of ripped lumber at an incredible speed of 200mph.

Services: Services
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Straight Line Ripping

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Width Sorting



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